Artist Statement

I am fascinated by the structure and form found in nature: from the formation of the universe to the structure of a molecule, is what makes life interesting and beautiful, I explore these aspects of nature in my work. I’m currently using the modular capabilities of the tetrahedron -a form Buckminister Fuller has shown to be the building block of all matter. My predominate concern is using the tetrahedron to create kinetic objects which possessed such formal qualities as line, plane and volume. Bringing these discrete objects into a contextual environment is also important to this work. The form and structure of the sculpture are derived from nature, and are subsequently used to integrate the  sculpture with its surroundings.

My conceptual inspiration emanates from the discoveries in science, mathematics and personal observations of the world. I allow these ideas to be shaped by both practical and aesthetic issues. I enjoy the politics inherent in creating public works, I view the political influence as a positive aspect of the works evolution. The final work is a result of bringing all these matters to concert. — Jacob Steenholdt


Artist Retrospective

A small sample of my works

One of my early sculptures’.

Sculpture Garden

Another early work.

One of my more current paintings Universe-Magnetic

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